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We manage your entire back-end operation, providing sales and marketing

Construction Paper Inc provides exclusive services for the Construction Industry in Public and Private Works. We guarantee Accuracy and timely reporting. In addition, we maintain constant back-end support as your business grows and evolves. Our business model provides a scalable and affordable model for our fees.

Operations and Project Management will see over the day to day operations on the project or in office for corporate. We know how much a project or job can depend on a fleet of vehicles/equipment functioning properly and orderly, which is why we also provide fleet management.

We provide Accounting and Taxes that are included as vital part of a company and project. This includes Project Accounting, as well as, Corporate Accounting. Also included is Tax Accounting because we know how stressful that can become for a company.

HR and Payroll department will handle your labor compliances for both Public and Private Works, and disputes, plus your payroll coordination for employees.

Sales will manage deal with Bid Coordination and Managing your Client Contact List. Included, is also searching for new projects to bid on.

Our Marketing team provides comprehensive services inclusive of branding, logo, business card,  website, and CRM.

Our Legal and Risk team is responsible for Managing Claims, Construction Issues, Preventative Labor Compliance, Civil and Workers Compensation. We also include field/office safety and guided help so we may get you on the right track to adhere to OSHA Compliance.

We provide owner’s representation for owner’s projects by protecting you with complete transparency; attend tailgate meetings, provide safety, accounting, historical documents and photos to assure that all is compliant with the agreement.

Engineers, Architects, and Inspectors handle Professional Services, Retrieving and Reading Blueprints/Takeoffs. Our team also manages your RFIs and Bid Coordination.

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